CHIAN SENG - Mainly engaged in the metal processing industry with the cutting tool manufacturing and sales services.

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Yes, we do. We specialize in making the customized cutters. Read More
EX-Work, C&F, CIF are available according to the customers' request. Read More
Our products are manufactured in over 6 factories throughout Taiwan and China. Meanwhile, we keep expanding the sites aggressively. Read More
1. Purpose & Function of the cutter. 2. The size of each part s (The information should be written in clear script to avoid any misunderstanding.) 3. Material & Hardness of workpiece. (It relates the cutter structure.) 4. Quantity (It is concerning the producing costs) 5. The expected lead-time. 6. The precautions to avoid errors. Read More
The factors that affect the processing parameters are 1. Mechanical properties 2. Workpiece material and hardness 3. Clamping or processing parts (Example: hollow) 4. Cutting Tool 5. Processing experienceGenerally, the carbon steel uncoated tool has a milling speed limit of 35 to 60 and the plating thickness could be 200 meters above. The feeding speed should be adjusted according to the actual processing conditions. Read More
● Standard Product - If it has stock, it could be sent immediately. ● Standard Product - If no stock, it needs around 20 working days. ● Customized Product - It needs around 7 ~ 20 working days depending on the manufacturing difficulty & the quantity. Read More
Yes, it could be provided if you need it, and please let us know when you are asking the quotation. Read More
Yes, we accept the repair. The delivery is around 7 ~ 30 working days depending on the broken situation. Read More
It is concerning the cutting loading. The Staggered Tooth could effectively reduce the cutting resistance, which the bigger diameter or the thicker tooth of Staggered Tooth Cutter would be for the bigger resistance. Read More
We manufactured the general Drilling, Reaming, Holing, Turning and Forming cutters, but it should depend on the drawing for evaluating.The MOQ of NC (Numerical Control) should be 3pcs. Read More
Chian Seng has Taiwan factories and China factories both equipped with the NC machines and milling instruments and Walter machines to make different kind of Milling Cutter and Cutting Tool, we also is a trading company to meet the clients' necessity. Read More
In the Application - ● Welding End Mill is for the bigger milling or forming. ● Carbide End Mill is now widely used in mainstream tools, molds or components by the high-speed machines using, regardless of side milling, slot milling or curve-surface machining applications, which are cost-effective. ● High-speed steel is not conducive to high-speed machining, easy to burn, but suitable for slow heavy cutting. ● Indexable Milling Cutter is generally to go with full Carbide Milling Cutter for high speed machining as the Indexable Milling Cutter is for roughing and Carbide Milling Cutter is for finishing. Read More
All of them are made of Carbide Steel and are very durable. The main difference is the purpose of the action. ● The advantage of Indexable Milling Cutter is that the cutter handle doesn't need to be disassembled due to tool wear and just need to exchange the worn Insert, which it is suitable for mass production for roughing. ● Carbide End Mill is the main tool on CNC machine. As long as having a Square End Mill and a Ball End Mill that a complex surface model can be formed. ● Welding End Mill is usually applied to the forming, such as the Lubricating / Air / Water / other Valves or mass production molding. Welding End Mill can be processed to the requested size according to the workpiece. Read More
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CHIAN SENG Introduction

Chian Seng Machinery Tool Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Metal processing industry. CHIAN SENG has been offering our customers high quality Carbide End Mill, Indexable Cutting Tool, Customized Cutting Tool, Milling Cutter, Reamers, Drill, High Speed Steels End Mill, End Mill, Countersinks, Cutting Insert since 1990. With both advanced technology and 28 years experience, CHIAN SENG always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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